Around Bowling Green, Kentucky with Leona

Kentucky, my old home blue state

I am 35 years old and have lived in 3 different countries.  Born in England, moved to Portugal, moved to America!  I have lived in two states since we've been here and I just realized today that Bowling Green, Kentucky is the one place that I've lived the longest.  I am and will always be English but I finally feel that Kentucky is my home away from home!  Me and Chad got married right out of college and he moved to Bowling Green for his first job.  Little did we know that 13 years later we would still be here and that we choose Bowling Green as the place to raise our family.

I love Bowling Green, and the funny thing is that I've never sat down and really thought about that.  Have you?  Have you sat down and thought about why you love the place you live (or for some it may not be love).  I love the people of Bowling Green.  We have adult friends (now that we are adult and all!), friends for Bronson and all together nice people.

This is getting a little off track, but humor me if you will.  Last week I ran out of gas. In. The. Drive-through. At. Starbucks.  And may I say that this was after my darling husband lovingly reminded me to get gas first thing.  But coffee is really important.  (future business thought - Starbucks should have a gas pump).  So after walking up to get my coffee I told the barrista what had happened.  He kindly pushed me to a parking place and there I was.  With Bronson about to walk across one of the busiest roads in Bowling Green, Campbell Lane.  So, with Bronson, my diaper bag and my coffee in hand I crossed the road all the time praying for no traffic.  And there was literally no traffic.  Across the street is where people come in.  A kind man paid for a gas tank for me and after filling it with gas another kind, kind man wouldn't let me and Bronson (and my coffee) cross the road again so he drove us.  Long story short, after getting back to my car I had left my keys across the road.  So he drove me back to get them and back to my car.  All the time telling me it was okay and that it could be his wife that needed help one day and he hoped someone would do the same.  He then followed me back across the road to see me safely to the pump!  I told you all that but I am still sticking to the story that I told my husband that it may or may not have happened.  I may have got gas as soon as I left the house and gone about my day.  Either or!

See what I mean about the people!  I love the growing economy and the seemingly fast paced live when in the business world but coming into the country and enjoying the slow place.  Both me and Chad went through Leadership Bowling Green with the Chamber of Commerce and that helped us see so much that we would have never known existed.  But even with that there are many places I have yet to enjoy.

That brings me to (I can hear you say 'finally') a new series I'm starting that is Around Bowling Green, Kentucky.  I am venturing out into the wild outdoors to experience some of the fun that Bowling Green has to offer.  And I'm taking you with me, sorta!  I will record my trip with pictures and tell you my thoughts.  Hopefully I can help you venture out more also and enjoy all that your city has to offer.  I can't decide on my first visit, what is one place you have always wanted to go in Bowling Green and would like to learn about??

Bowling Green Logo, Downtown Bowling Green, Fountain Square

Cheers to new experiences and enjoying where you live!