Animal Print??

I'm a neutral kind of girl.   If you look in my closet you will see a mass of solid colors and very few, if any, pieces with pattern.   I'm a little timid when it comes to my wardrobe.   I'd like to wear the fun cool clothes that I see Kendi wear.   She takes fashion and turns it on it's head!   Kendi will be wearing stripes and flowers and I'll be wearing jeans and a black top.   I have a million black tops!   I have ventured out though and I own a green pair of jeans and one with faint flowers!!!   I have yet to wear the second pair.   Maybe soon.

Animal print would then be classified as something not in my closet!   Until now ... I'm starting small with accessories.   I think scarves, jewelry and shoes are great ways to add color or pattern and definitely spruce up an outfit.   How do you feel about patterns?   Animal print??