Amazing Life Together

A more amazing life together is worth investing in - Liz and Ryan Bower

Along with the first of May came the very first 30 day challenge from Amazing Life Together.   I adore everything that this community stands for and the principles that are behind what they do.   I am a member and am going through this first challenge and am loving it!   Every day we are emailed a challenge to instagram a particular picture and write a particular post about our spouse.   So far I've remembered what I love about Chad, where we went on our first date and what stood out to me, been able to disconnect for a night, have an evening stroll and today share something fearful with him.   And with you!   Below are my two (I'm not very good at following rules) things that I'm fearful about.

If this challenge sounds interesting take a look ... I plan to share more about The Amazing Life soon but I wanted to get this out there :)   Even though this is day 5 you can still make up days or just start from here.   What are you fearful about?