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Do you own a smart phone?  Does it take pictures??  If the answer to those questions was yes then I'm sure you're like me and hardly ever use a camera anymore.  I love that I got to take a picture of my son's first steps because my phone is almost always in arms reach.  I can capture any random but 100% meaningful moment in seconds.  Also some un-meaningful pictures that B likes to take of say the floor, or ceiling :)  He's a budding iPhone user and a few days ago he tried to buy an app and send out a tweet!  Awww, his first tweet.  But I digress ...

The only negative thing that I can think of about my new 'camera' is that pictures usually stay right there.  I can browse through them but rarely do I do that.  The other thing that is similar to pictures on your phone are pictures on a CD.  Technology is so incredible these days that you can have all your beautiful wedding pictures or precious photo shoots of your children right there on your computer.  You can browse through them but rarely do we!

I have a great solution to our mutual problem - Album 99.  I got my first (of many to come) album last week and was blown away.  The pages are so thick and luxurious and the feel of them is so polished looking.  They have a mix of semi matte and semi glossy, the look and feel of matte but the glossiness of the actual images shines through.  Does that make sense??  The. Cover. Is. Top. Notch.  Super thick like an album you would see from Italy with the ability to engrave your name or date.  I love the size of the album and my images that I choose look so good where you can actually see all the tiny details that get missed in smaller prints.  My favorite (well one of them!) is where a single image is expanded on two pages.

My main thing with luxury brands is how their customer service is.  That really is what makes or breaks the relationship.  I can definitely say that Nation's Lab is a luxury brand all the way from their products to how they treat their clients.

And they so generously offered a FREE ALBUM to one of my readers!  Check out the many options you have below to enter and get more chances of WINNING.  The best thing is that we are running the giveaway for three weeks!!  Good Luck!!  If you simply can't wait to get your own simply visit their site and purchase one for only $99!!

Pictures of my album will be posted soon.  My baby being sick has put a dent in my photo taking schedule, life of a work at home mom :)  Can anyone relate??

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Cheers to beautiful memories being preserved in coffee table albums!


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