A Time for Tea

Tea parties don't have to end with childhood but can continue all throughout life!!

What is a tea party? I’m glad you asked! It is a social gathering, usually held in the afternoon, at which tea and light refreshments are served.  When these gatherings take place, women get dressed up and have great conversations. What are some occasions in which you might hold a tea party? Well, tea parties are good for many occasions, but three that come to mind would include: a bridal shower, a baby shower and a kickoff party for the KY derby.

If you are wanting to throw a bridal or baby tea party, you want it to be elegant but laid back. Light pastel colors are usually the best for this occasion. Also, pull out the china and old tea pots. A cute idea would be to place a banner behind the beverage station that reads tea time and have tea bags at either end.

If you are looking to throw a pre-derby tea party, you may want it to be a little more flashy. You can incorporate red flowers and horseshoes for your center pieces. One catchy idea for your dessert table is to have mini pies incorporated with toy horses and horseshoes. Since this is a pre-derby tea, you might also display hats or even bring in someone who sells hats. This will allow the women to get ideas for their attire or purchase a new hat if they haven't already.

It wouldn’t be a tea party without food and beverage now would it? So, what exactly do you serve? At most tea parties, light food is served. Some good light finger foods would include: chicken or tuna salad on crescent rolls, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, veggie and cheese trays, fruit trays, meatballs and mini desserts. Now all that food is going to make your guests thirsty so what will you serve to drink? Just cause it is a tea party, doesn’t mean you can’t have variety. Actually, most tea parties serve at least tea, water, and lemonade.

Over all, a tea party is a fun and relaxing environment to celebrate and enjoy being together.


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