A Southern Savannah Wedding



When me and Chad got married we set a goal to go to all 50 states together as a couple.  Our wedding was in Tennessee, our honeymoon was in Virginia and our new home was in Kentucky.  So we crossed those three of our list in no time  :)

I am used to traveling different countries but different states not so much.  So I'm excited to see the differences as the states get further away.  I love what the south stands for with so much heritage, pride and hospitality.

Can you imagine getting married under beautiful trees with hanging Spanish moss in Savannah, Georgia?    We have visited Georgia and I fell in love with it's nature.  So here's the question - if you were invited to a southern wedding what would you wear?  When I think of Savannah I see short to midi dresses and full skirts.  Flowers would almost be a must for Georgia!

Rent the Runway has some of the most beautiful dresses that you can rent for the weekend or longer if you want.  I know renting or buying online can be risky with sizes but Rent the Runway actually allows you to choose an additional back up size for free!  And what woman would not love to wear a form fitting designer dress!  I've chosen a few of my favorites and I love the Cynthia Rowley lifestyle brand.  All of her designs below fit perfectly with the theme.

Affiliate links have been used in which a profit is earned from sales. These options are what make it possible to devote the time I do to LMD, and I am grateful for that!

Cynthia Rowley Nilo Dress Cynthia Rowley Ashley Dress Cynthia Rowley Voltaire Dress
Cynthia Rowley Orange in Bloom Dress Cynthia Rowley White Sea Dress Cynthia Rowley Coral Reef Dress


Cheers to southern charm, twirling dresses and Spanish moss!