A Month in Review - June 2015


Here are some of my favorite memories from June.  Today is like a fresh beginning - a start to the second half of the year.  Let's make it a good one.  We can finish up strong regardless of what happened January-June!  Some of the images have related blog posts and they are linked if you missed them.

1. A great community of women believers devising a plan  2. My coffee bar is next to re-design  3. Soft + Strong  4. Red Carpet Manicure  5. Launch of Grit + Virtue  6. Lemon + honey water  7. Date night by myself  8. Brunch with friends  9. My baby was sick :(

1. Me and Laura Rogers in 2010  2. Strawberries, Croissants and honey  3. No little bite mom  4. I appeared on MidDay Live  5. My love affair with chocolate  6. FIGS  7. My friend Carly  8. I am honored to have been featured in the latest KY Bride Magazine  9. My dad believed in me

1. Rocky Hill Enterprises  2. Favorite super simple lunch  3. He keeps me strong  4. My light  5. Add anything to water  6. Spread love  7. Candle love  8. Bracelet love  9.  Summer together (Lara Casey inspired)

What are some of your favorite moments from June?  What are you looking forward to the 2nd half of 2015?

Cheers to new beginnings, iPhones and memories!