A Month in Review - July 2015

A little behind on this month's review ... what can I say?  Capturing memories takes up your time!  I think like everyone lately I have a love/hate relationship with social media, but one thing that I love is being able to look back at your month and remember the moments that mattered.  As always, any related blog posts are linked  ;)

A month in Review - July 2015

1. I talk to God about you - to my family and friends  2. Together - I can't wait for Propel to launch next month  3. Bienvenido a Miami  4. Frozen banana ice cream  5. Repurpose Wedding Décor  6. Happy baby  7. iPhone Wallpaper  8. Darling Magazine  9. Red Carpet & Hey Gorjess

July 2

1. Amazing Grace   2. Darling Issue 12  3. Hunter Bell fashion line  4. IF: Table  5. Novo Dolce  6. Sleepy Chocolate face  7. Iced Chai Lemonade  8. Custom built swing set   9. My workout partner


1. It Is Well  2. Time with my dad  3. Cynthia Rowley fashion line  4. Afternoon snack  5. Preperation  6. Meghan Markle  7. Failed IG worthy breakfast  8. Saloon  9. Follow Friday - Women Rock

What are some of your life's moments from July??

Cheers to making and capturing everyday memories!