A Month in Review - May 2015

Instagram is a great way for me to capture moments in time.  Here's a look to some of my favorite posts. may-instagram

1. me and chad at an event I designed and produced  2. my hair on day 5 after being curled  3. yummy dinner made with love by my husband  4. B stole my phone and took a foot shot of him and baby jaguar  5. make up artist Haley London came to my house and this is part of her brush collection  6. table tops that were the first things built  7.  my sister's graduation program from nursing school  8. four tables made in one weekend for a wedding I designed  9.  funny illustration of what we had to go through in the 80's  10.  beautiful flowers riding around Kentucky with me  11.  up at 3am with drinking coffee and taking notes  12.  B trying repeatedly to shoot the floating device into the basketball hoop