A Mexican Menu It Is!

I love friends.  I love a clean house.  I love to cook new and exciting (for me) things.  The things that when you finish your kitchen is in disarray.  The three don't usually happen at the same time.

You can choose ... a clean house, good food, put together Leona or semi put together Bronson.  I just can't do it all people.  On rare occasions you might catch two and I would take a picture if I were you.

So last Friday the choice was made for my friends and I choose food  :)  I bought a lovely dish set for Mexican food years ago, like over 8 years ago, and have used some of the pieces once or twice.  But all together, never.

The dinner went great.  Here is a link to The Best Guacamole Recipe EVER!!  And the Eco Friendly Family has some great images of making said recipe.

Cheers to Mexico and limes!