A Fabulous Fete

As I've been reconstructing my blog and making it more lifestyle related, I've been browsing new interesting sites for inspiration.  A few have stayed in my Feedly account for my daily reading pleasure!

One blog that I fell in love with is A Fabulous Fete by Lauren Saylor.  I love her style of writing and her work.  Her work??!!  I could look through the beautiful images all day.  But then I wouldn't get anything done and wouldn't be able to share the wonderful talent that I find out there on the world wide web.  You're welcome.

One of the things that I love is Lauren's shop.  It is full of really cool stuff!  Some of items are ones that you wouldn't expect yet when you look it makes sense how they all fit.  So while browsing I came across this pig.  And it made me think of a lovely friend.  See she collects pigs and has a huge collection.  But I bet she doesn't have one as cute and quirky as this guy!

Pig-1I'm a huge fan of the little details and Lauren packaged my pig in brown crinkle paper that gave the effect of opening a gift.  And I almost envisioned keeping it for myself.  But the thought passed.  Along with my pig was a card hand written with these two adorable pink flamingo stirrers.  Now those I am keeping!

Take a look for yourself and see what cute things you can find!

Cheers to pigs, friends and great inspiration!