A Day in the Life of a Bride

Not much was accomplished during the year 2012.   For me anyway.   Unless of course you count growing an entire human being inside you as accomplishing anything.   In that case I did do something!

Other than growing Bronson, not much outside of my already scheduled weddings took place.   One thing I did though, and am very proud of, was to work with the ladies at KY Bride Magazine on a very customized styled shoot.   The entire shoot was planned to demonstrate the many things that a bride and her maids have to do while getting ready to see her groom.   We worked with some beautiful ladies and one handsome gentleman (the bride and groom were actually married in real life) and were able to shoot everything that we wanted with the help of the very talented Kelly Lee Flora.   Many other vendors gave us their valuable time and talents to pull off the shoot that was held at The Club at Olde Stone.   Below is a list of all the vendors and the beautiful spread that KY Bride Magazine put together.

Hair - Regina Webb Salon & Spa;  Dress - The White Room;   Makeup - Katy Moody;   Garter - The Garter Girl;   Flowers - MacKenzie's;   Linens - Graceful Tables;   Photographer - Kelly Lee Flora;   Venue - The Club at Olde Stone;   Hangers - Made by Meesh;   Robes - Plum Pretty Sugar ;   Pajamas & Luncheon Dresses - Macy's;   Jewelry - Morris Jewelry;   Chair Rentals - Classic Party Rentals