6 Tips To Throwing a Successful Bridal Shower

Wedding season is in full force ladies and gentleman! Left and right, brides are preparing for their big day. One of the most exciting parts of a bride's journey to saying "I do" is the time she gets to celebrate with her family and friends at her bridal shower.

Pictures by Joshua McCoy, Designed by Leona Morelock Designs

Now, planning a bridal shower can be a labor of love... but don't forget how important this event is to the bride. Take note of the following tips and the guest of honor will cherish the memories of her bridal shower forever.

1. Talk to the bride: Get together with your bride and see what she has in mind. Although you may be the one hosting the party, you want to make sure she will be happy with the outcome.

2. Set a budget: Since you are the one throwing the celebration, you are the one paying for the bill. Remember that costs can add up quickly when planning the perfect bridal shower. Setting a budget early on is the smart thing to do if you don't want to be surprised with the expenses.

3. Set a guest list and send out invites: Let the bride set the guest list. Once she has given you a finalized list, send out the invites anywhere from 4-6 weeks before the shower date. This gives guests enough time to RSVP!

4. Set proper expectations: Make sure guests are aware of the type of shower being held, whether it be casual or formal. Specify this in the invitations!

5. Record what gifts are given: It is your responsibility to keep track of who gave what gift to the bride. Make sure to get each guest's address information too, so the bride can send her thank you notes without any hassle.

6. Have fun: The most important tip of them all! All the hard work put into planning the shower comes down to one thing: having a good time! Enjoy this special day with your bride.