2014 is Coming ... Ready or Not!

Where has 2013 gone?   Seriously, almost one year ago I was in the hospital getting ready to give birth to my son.   On New Year's Eve he will be one year old!

But that is not what this post is about.   It's about you and me and everyone else.   I know this goes without saying, but some people (myself included) need to be reminded that 2014 is going to come whether we are ready for it or not.   I know everyone has probably heard the saying that if you fail to plan you plan to fail.   What are your plans and goals to aim for in 2014?   Have you thought about goals and dreams?   Tomorrow I am taking myself, a blank notebook and my 2014 Making Things Happen PowerSheets to Panera Bread, sit by myself in a quiet booth with a favorite beverage and start organizing my 2014.

2014-POWERSHEETS-LARA-CASEY-SHOP_compactThis is the first year that I have used Lara Casey's PowerSheets and to say that I'm excited is a small understatement!   I've followed (read STALKED) Lara Casey for quite a few years.   She is such a great motivator and an inspiration for other women who own their own businesses and own their own life!   Which if you agree owning your own life is pretty much every woman's goal.   Making Things Happen started a few years ago and Lara has transformed her great original idea into something greater.   You can read her post about an email that started the ball rolling.

This is what Lara writes about the PowerSheets "Take your life to the next level with the exclusive MAKING THINGS HAPPEN PowerSheet Set.  I created each PowerSheet to help creative entrepreneurs strategically plan action steps to make their dreams happen!  I use each of these sheets myself and they have been revolutionary for me!"   So you can see why I can't wait to start filling mine out.   I want to make things happen in my 2014 for my business myself and most importantly my family.

Do you want to join me?   Let me know what some of your goals are and if I can be of any help.   When I've filled out my PowerSheets I'll share some of my goals in the next few weeks.