2 Months and this little thing called She Takes Flight

STF_Logo-1000Two months.  Almost to the day.  It's the time since I've been away.  I have been working on a project that was near and dear to my heart.  Thus, that was all I worked on from sun up to sun down.  And unfortunately everything else that I had going on fell to the wayside.

But I'm back!  And I really hope that I can share what I've been up to, but for now it is top secret.

She Takes Flight has been in the works for years.  But only as a dream.  We can talk and talk but until we put them into practice that is all they are ... dreams.  One of my really good friends, Rayna Wallen, actually put that dream into action and She Takes Flight was birthed.

It's a concept that is impossible to describe in a sentence, but we are launching our brand with a retreat this September.  And the location of said retreat?  Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya in Mexico!  Not bad huh??

With the words to describe the retreat being REGROUP-REFOCUS-RECHARGE everyone that attends is sure to come away a better version of themselves.  And when I say everyone, I mean every woman.  This is for women led by women (with a few great guys in the background).

Women are powerful and at times we don't realize how much we really could do.  If only we tried hard enough and had a cheering squad behind us the options are limitless.  We are our own worst enemy and we just need to get out of our own way and let the world see the real us.  Are you ready????

When is the last time you did something for yourself?  And it has to be more than drive by Starbucks!