I am a wedding editorial stylist and have been in the wedding industry since 2003.  While you are trying to figure out my age, I'll tell you I have seen babies that I used to babysit walk down the aisle as blushing brides.  

I'm still not exactly sure how to use the term 'bae' and I couldn't tell you the current top 10 list that is being played at clubs.

But style, orchestrate and produce a wedding - that I can do.  While blindfolded. 


My first editorial shoot was before they became popular.  It was me, my intern, a photographer and some props.  We wooorked it and I would pat my younger self on the back and tell her to keep doing what she knew best.  Which was, and still is, to learn as you go. 

What do I do now?  I connect.  I connect gown designers with their ideal bride who in turns connects with her ideal jewelry designer.  You create your magic and I create mine.  You two are perfect for each other but just haven't met.  Let me help her find you